May 14, 2013

On Thursday May 2, 2013 Hearsay Social welcomed members of the San Francisco PyData meetup to our living room. Wes McKinney, the founder of the Python pandas library spoke about the tool and how it makes data analysis easy.

Hearsay Social is a long time supporter of the Python community and numerous open source libraries. Along with sponsoring the annual PyCon conference and offering space for meetups, Hearsay Social engineers are encouraged to contribute to the libraries & frameworks we use everyday: Django, Celery, Chef, etc.

For his talk, Wes walked through the process of analyzing a GitHub repository using pandas. In real time he pulled data from the API, organized it using pandas and began looking for answers to questions about who was contributing the most, how quickly bugs were being fixed and how activity changed around major releases. Everything was done using an iPython notebook which is available for download along with the slides here:

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