April 24, 2013

Last Friday, Hearsay Social hosted a panel discussion for students from Hackbright Academy. Hackbright Academy offers a 10 week Programming Fellowship in Silicon Valley that is designed to help women from all backgrounds become adept programmers. Hearsay Social's engineering team is lucky to have a number of stellar female engineers. And they were excited to share stories, advice and thoughts on the industry.

"The first time I learned how to code is also the story of how I got asked to prom," recalled Bansi Shah, a Product Manager at Hearsay Social.

Ruchi Varshney has been a Generalist Engineer at Hearsay Social for over a year. She's worked on projects ranging from site internationalization to mobile development. She advised, "Find a company that allows you to work the whole stack. Keep on learning new skills."

Megan Anctil started her career at Hearsay Social as a Customer Support Associate. She learned to code on the job with help and encouragement from the engineering team. "I was motivated to fix issues rather than forward them to the engineering team. It gave me a great platform to learn." She then went on to show off the traditional Hearsay Social Engineering Barbie. She mentioned, "This is like a rite of passage for women who check in code at Hearsay Social."

Hearsay Social co-founder and CEO, Clara Shih, offered her perspective on finding the right company. "Seek out a growing industry, find the experts of that industry, and work with them to build a team you can learn from," she advised.

As the afternoon wrapped up a Hackbright student remarked, "We've visited a lot of companies with brilliant female engineers and at Hearsay Social it really feels like you girls are good friends first."

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