November 14, 2012

Two improvements for Jenkins users that seem to very promising.


First, the OpenID plugin now has explicit Google Apps support. You now set the domain and the XML configuration automatically sets the OpenID XRDS discovery to rely on a specific domain. You could previously use Google Apps but users were asked to select which domain to use if you were signed in with multiple ones (i.e. your personal and company Gmail account).


Instead of:

The Google Apps domain will now set the domain to be:

There is an extra Google Apps SSO option now exposed:



Keep in mind that you must use the Google Apps SSO with this new URL.  The reason is that Google App has a special OpenID discovery mechanism that breaks with standand OpenID.  For more details, check out the source code for this plugin.


Secondly, the Cobertura Plugin has support to allow fails on low coverage results as well as ratcheting to improve coverage percentages.



See the diff here:


If a change reduces the current coverage, you can now have your builds fail!  There are also extra checkboxes to allow ratcheting to occur, which means that if the coverage is higher than the current bulid, the new metric will be set to that number:


Publishing Cobertura coverage results...
Cobertura coverage report found.

Lines's new health minimum is: 90.8
Lines's new stability minimum is: 90.8


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