August 3, 2012

An article that appeared in yesterday's from Wall Street Journal about how we do peer feedback at Hearsay Social....

"Hearsay Social Inc., a San Francisco-based social-media software company with some 90 employees, began doing peer reviews for all of its employees several months ago. (Before that, the company, which was founded in 2009, didn't have a formal review process.) Each employee chooses several reviewers, and department heads identify other co-workers who might be able to provide relevant feedback.

In addition, any employee who wants to give feedback about another worker can chime in, says Steve Garrity, the chief technology officer. To help make the reviews more candid, the feedback presented to the employee is anonymous, he adds.

The system provides more valuable information about each worker's performance than a review by just one person would, Mr. Garrity says. That's particularly true at Hearsay Social, because it has very few formal managers, most employees work across multiple teams, and leadership changes from project to project. "We are decentralizing as much decision making as we can, so we also need to decentralize reviews," he says.



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